Brandon C.

Joe is a professional and honest. Honesty is hard to find in this field but if you are dealing with Joe you found it. He is a very dedicated individual who will keep your project on time and on budget. I highly recommend him. He does work for my shop Krazyhouse customs, and my restaurants Millies in Morristown and staten Island. Check out his work .

Antoinette M.

They created our website and it was the easiest experience of our lives! I would give him 5 stars and an A++ for customer service and knowledge in his field! If your looking for web design do not hesitate go for 123 Publish Inc!

Colleen D.

123 Publish Incorporated helped me put my business into the digital space and allowed me to access a diverse client base. Joe’s patience and enthusiasm comforted me as he designed JJ Cubby website and made it easy for customers to access our content. He is very professional and has a clear passion for helping small and local business thrive online. I appreciate all his help and look forward to working with him more in the future.

Angela A.

My experience with Joe at 123 Publish Incorporated has been an game changer. Joe, is supremely talented in all facets of social media and web development. He worked with me one on one in recreating and vastly improving my website www.sweetsnsuchcandy.com. He made the transition from Square to my new site a seamless transition and worked non stop to make sure my site was up and running quickly. He also is brilliant visually and design wise, he constructed the site exactly how we pictured it. He was very professional throughout the process and not only did the work he also helped me learn about design and web building. I highly recommend him for any web, social media or marketing needs. Looking forward to working with him again in the future. Definitely 5 Star Service!!!

Susan S.

Joseph created a beautiful website for my yoga business. 3rdofalife.com, I highly recommend him . He works hand in hand with the client and gives them exactly with they want. His prices are more then reasonably, and the website was done in a timely fashion. Thank you, Joseph!

Joseph L.

My experience with Joe was a great one! He gave us one-on-one attention, communicated with us about updates and got the website done fast (2 weeks and a couple of days to be precise) from start to finish. When he says he will take your business to the next level, he means it! We have a mobile-friendly, easily navigable website that is great for the user. In fact, it is so well-designed that it will make you want to eat delicious Italian food. I love this website immensely. He did not stop until the job was done and done right and I would recommend that you work with him. Additionally, he made an impeccable virtual tour for our business which you can literally shop from and he put us on the map too with the Google Streetview Tour. If you want to know more about my website just visit it at www.littleitalygourmetnyc.com or come to my store at 1375 N Railroad Avenue, Staten Island, NY right in the heart of New Dorp. Joe is a great guy. I highly recommend him and he’s like a younger brother to me. Choose him to build your business up. He’s a great guy and stands by his work !!!! Love Joseph

Michelle G.

We highly recommend 123 Publish Incorporated for any of your web and social media needs. Joseph is very attentive and truly passionate about his work. He goes above and beyond to make sure the client is happy with the services he provides. We wish him much success and we are happy to do business with him now and into the future.

Milot M.

I have to admit my business old and outdated website did not suffice for my clients needs, Joe helped me create a new and interactive website making it easier for my customers to shop at our site. Joe's hard work and dedication astounded me and his work truly exemplifies that. MUÇA is for ever grateful, have a look for yourself @ www.mucausa.com 😍

Robert B.

This company is very professional for all your digital, advertising, and marketing needs. Very efficient on time and would recommend to anyone or any business.

David D.

Yes - Joe was Great !!! He completely redesigned our website and made it a very informative and user friendly place. We would definitely recommend Joe.

Albert C.

Joseph was wonderful to work with. He did an awesome commercial for my store and I would recommend him 100x over.

Joe M.

I could not be more pleased with the company. The Expo website they designed was extremely clean cut, organized, and visually pleasing. Joseph was extremely effective at capturing every detail that I aspired to articulate and I would recommend him to any customer who is searching for the same services.

Suraj S.

We just launched our new website by Joseph Pidoriano. It looks fantastic, More than expected. He did amazing job to built our new site. I strongly recommend him for those who need a new website! www.naturalfrontiermarkets.com is my website. Check it out!

Marisa B.

I had the pleasure of working with Joseph on my website rainbowsreach.com. He was so easy to work with, quick, delivered more than he promised, was reliable and accommodating to changes and edits we kept springing on him after the completion. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the final product and I am so overly excited to finally have a website I can be proud of. Thank you Joseph!

Lisa S.

Explained everything to the fullest from beginning to end. We would highly recommend him! Thank you again it would not be possible without you!

Gavin D.

Dealt with Joseph from start to finish and found him to be very professional and dedicated. He turned our website around in record time. Currently working on social media ads to drive more business to our location. Overall a great experience with 123 Publishing and will definitely be using them for future endeavors. Highly recommend.

Robert C.

I highly recommend 123 Publish Incorporated to create an amazing virtual tour for your business. He did it for Evergeen Florist, put on Google Maps, and he created a video. Joe Pidoriano knows his craft very well and this virtual tour will grow my business big time!

Tom D.

123 Publish has brought my website, Arcadiapets.com to a new and modern look, and can now be accessed from a mobile phone with ease. The graphics, layout, and time spent connecting my suppliers and vendors, has given it a professional look that I previously did not have.

Melissa C.

When Joe says he takes businesses to the next level, he means it. Our page presence for John's Deli has grown significantly especially with the videos. We get thousands of views and a lot of engagements!! I look forward to working with his company for many future projects and he's a cool dude.

Caitlin K.

Joe helped me put together my online scheduling for my Art Center I just opened. He is amazing to work with, very knowledgeable and made the addition to my website easy for my customers to navigate! Plus he spent the time to show me step by step! I assure you, he will help make your website as professional and user friendly as possible! Thanks for all your help Joe! I’m so thankful my website is easy for registration and scheduling!

Pasha L.

Wonderful job putting together our website. Highly recommended!

Justin D.

Joe is a can do guy. I gave him an almost impossible task that I wasn’t even sure he’d be willing to do or can do.. not only did he do the task I was blown away by the results. I can’t go into too much detail but the project is for a 1 billion dollar valuation start up. I will not hesitate to use him again and will always recommend him for his services including pitch decks.

Doug N.

I was referred to Joe by a friend when I mentioned I need a quality, professional website to help grow my business. Throughout the process, Joe was incredibly responsive and I was continually impressed by his creativity. He was easy to work with, knowledgeable, and I am extremely happy with the end result. My website is appealing, easy to navigate, and it showcases my work in a way that I am confident will help me gain clientele. If in the future I need another website developed, Joe will be the first person I turn to. I highly recommend him.

John F.

Couldn't have asked for a better experience working with Joe on my site. He did everything I asked for and more. If you're looking for someone reliable and trustworthy, Joe is your guy. I don't think there is a task that he was unable to do. He fully integrated my site with my shopify, and helped me run social media ad's on all platforms, while giving me the tools to track analytics. Would highly recommend Joe, and only use Joe to do my sites and social media.

Leonard P.

It was great working with Joe on a virtual tour for the company I work for. He worked quick and efficiently to have all the pictures done in one night and had everything finished and published the next day. I highly recommend Joe for virtual tours and anything social media related!

Paul M.

I am proud and honored to write this review. I love working with Joe and he's an exceptional businessman! So, this is my review: For the past year, I have been working with Joe. He has done a great job with building up my business and he has been a major help. First, he did a great job for my website www.nuccissiny.com. In June 2019, my previous website was not working, not converting, and didn’t even exist. Joe came in, created a new domain name, and built us a fantastic new site. Now, we’re getting more leads than we have ever gotten before which created a new lead generation channel which our guests (we don’t like to use the word customers) can be able to easily contact us if they want to host a party or have any questions. Our party and catering inquiries skyrocketed since the website was created. Aside from my website serving as a lead generator for my business, my guests love the site. It’s EXTREMELY user-friendly, has disability access, and allows for the visitor to get to know our restaurant even better. Our website also has a live chat which guests can be able to send messages to our Facebook page and communicate with our restaurant in a quicker manner. Aside from that, the website has been brought up to date with the branding of our business. He even inputted fonts on our site which are consistent with the branding of our sign outside and he made our website scream elegance, deliciousness, and a home-like atmosphere where our guests can have the best dining/restaurant experience. Second, Joe had grown our social media dramatically. Our engagement rates have gone up, our post reach and brand recognition increased, and we have received tons of messages from guests who order from us because of our social media presence. Even during the pandemic, our business had done well because of his promotional content and his advertising. More than that, our guests have engaged us more than they have ever done before online. I look forward to continue to work with him forever with my business. Most recently, we did a major campaign where we did an email subscription and we spent a small amount of money on ads and we did a Wheel where our guests were able to spin and win a prize. With a $110 ad-spend, he got us close to 1,000 email subscriptions from people in the locale and we’re getting guests coming in utilizing their prizes. In addition to working with Joe in a business capacity, he’s also a great friend and someone who is like family to have. Joe is always there for me when I need him and he has always supported me as a friend and a fellow entrepreneur. I love him personally and professionally. If it weren’t for Joe, I would not have been able to have the social media presence that I have and the great website that I have. I look forward to working with him now and forever!! Paul Montella, Proud Owner and Propietor of Nucci's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Blake M.

Joseph Pidoriano transformed my law firm by solidifying my digital footprint on the web. My new company website is contemporary but yet futuristic and is thematic to my branding, my colors, and my design for my law firm. The design is creative and dynamic at the same time. The goal for this site was also to make it easier for customers to be able to navigate it and interact with it and he did that by putting call-to-action buttons on the site in which the visitor can be able to hit a button to make a phone call, send an email, or learn more about the law firm. Not only that but Joseph also put Disability Access on the site and put the Facebook Live Chat on the site so whenever a client has a concern, the client can be able to reach me directly through my Facebook business page. When the site was completed and we pointed the domain, Joseph worked relentlessly to make sure that the emails would properly resume its reception between my clients and I. Joseph means it clearly when he says he will take your business to the next level and this site is a quintessential example for what attorneys should have for their sites. It's user-friendly, it's creative, it's ornate, and most of all it's functional. If I were to describe how I felt after he delivered the product and fulfilled the project, happy would be an understatement! I believe that this site is clearly outstanding.

Nicole L.

Joseph done a great website for our ice cream shop. He's a very patient, creative, and passionate person. Can't asked for more. He work well and work with us like a friend. I will definitely recommend his company for any social media work.

Charlie B.

My buddy, Joseph S Pidoriano, did a phenomenal job with the website. This is website is what we have been waiting for since we have opened. The technology had to catch up and finally it did. Come join the movement. We're currently looking for some new members, new photographers, editors, etc. Hit us up on the website. 123 Publish Incorporated is the great company that did this website!!!

Amy G.

To 123 publish Inc. future customer,
Thank God two of my closest friends recommended Joseph to help me with my website. I was at wits end as far as web designers go after a prior failed attempt. My past experience had made me weary and I doubted Josephs capabilities, especially with him being so young. I have never been happier to be wrong in my life. Joseph was able to meet, even exceed my expectations. I must stress this was a custom website and not easy to execute. I had a very clear, specific vision with Many sub links, written content and I also wanted to use my own graphics and layout. Meaning we would have to collaborate a lot and he would have to build my site from a blank slate not the standard template many of his competitors use. On a personal note, Joseph has the utmost integrity and not only believes in my company “COLORS” vision of empowering young women but actually gets what support of female leadership looks like in real life. Blocking out several hours of focused work time that requires undivided attention is not easy to come by for us “momtrepreneurs”. To actually execute this project joseph and I had to work many nonconventional hours together. A true Testament of his support by acknowledging and working around the many challenges we Moms face. Turns out, not only were our work sessions highly productive but Joseph made it fun and I am proud to say we have become friends and so excited to continue to work together on many future projects. Thank you again sooooooooooooooo much! Amy Granberg Founder of www.COLORSWORKSHOPS.com

Paul S.

Joe is a great guy to work with. He was very attentive and really cared about how the site came out. He for sure put extra thought into it that I don’t think I would have gotten elsewhere!

Melissa D.

Joe is great! And is very professional.

Daryl K.

Daryl J. Kipnis, Esq. Attorney at Law & Owner, Kipnis Law Offices

Rochelle K.

Joseph is extremely professional and talented. His work is phenomenal. There is truly no one better than Joseph Pidoriano when it comes to top notch marketing and web design. I highly recommend this company if you want your company to thrive. Joseph creates innovate sites and with his marketing abilities, the potential for your company is endless. You’d be making a huge mistake if you choose anyone else above 123 Publish! This company really is the best!!!!!

Judy C.

Joseph S Pidoriano did a phenomenal job for my website www.freshtwistny.com. The website is dynamic and I already have customers looking at the site and it has not even been a full 24 hours yet! The site that he designed is exactly the way I wanted it to be. The site has a theme that highlights the wooden finishes, the different food items that we have, and clearly presents our business in the best way that a business should be presented in. He uploaded the menu, linked the online ordering, created a site where someone can just click and scroll to a particular session which makes it easier for those who are on-the-go. Pidoriano also inputted Disability Access as well as a live customer chat so my customers can be able to send a message to us quickly which will expedite order speeds and open up channels for us to be able to grow our customer-base. Aside from the design and the dynamic components, Pidoriano is a very approachable businessman. Whenever you need something, he is there for you. Joseph is a young, devoted entrepreneur who loves his customers and loves working with his customers, and he goes above and beyond in implementing the best techniques to give my business opportunities to succeed and grow! We love Joseph very much and he loves us too!

Andrew P.

Joseph took our website into the next dimension and improved the site in so many ways. Our site has a modern and sleek look which is more appealing to the modern generation. He got the site done in record time, and he inputted important conversion tools on the site such as call-to-action buttons and the carousels showing our Featured Listings, Open Houses, and Sold Listings on the Homepage. Furthermore, he inputted Facebook Live Chat which can give our buyers and sellers an opportunity to reach out to us for questions and quick inquiries. Joseph also themed our site consistent with our branding. Thanks to Joseph, our site looks fantastic, exciting and dynamic. I am not only proud to work with him as a vendor but also proud to call him “family”. Joseph also works with us in our social media development and he has been growing the presence of our firm dramatically using effective ad techniques. Pidoriano stands by his word when he says he will take your business to the next level. We look forward to working with him on many future projects and endeavors with our company. Thanks Again! Connie Profaci Managment

Daniel B.

Joseph did a terrific new website for USA Land Ventures. He did exactly what we wanted on the site and then some. His creative know-how has taken our business to the next level. He implemented conversion tools in our site such as a Facebook Messenger Live Chat and CTA buttons (Call-To-Action buttons) which have served as lead generators. Furthermore, the site can be translated into more languages than ever before and the site is more dynamic with a lot of moving aspects to it. In addition, he made it easier for people to navigate by clearly displaying the featured listings on the homepage and he made sure that the site was fully mobile-friendly and responsive. He implemented an SSL Certificate which is important for the business, along with putting in preventions for copying/pasting content from our site as well as preventing dragging/dropping content from taking place. I also work with him in other capacities such as social media ad consulting and he has definitely brought my business in the right direction in that aspect. If you want to learn more about our business and see the website, visit https://USALandVentures.com

Alfonso P.

Worked very quick and kept very thing nice and simple just how we wanted! Kept everything as close to our restaurant’s theme too! Cantinamexicanasi.com.

Megan V.

123 Publish and Joseph Pidoriano's 360 tour of the Tibetan Museum really highlighted the museum and the gardens. Through social media, Joseph has made the museum accessible to people from around the world and showed the beauty of one of Staten Island's cultural gems. Thanks to 123 Publish for this great job.

Michael F.

If your looking for a company to build you a great website and backs up their work, you should be using 123 Publish. Joseph understood exactly what I was looking for and integrated that into my website design and created a great site for my business. His knowledge and expertise in his field made him the right person to handle this project On our behalf. We went from having what I consider a cookie cutter type website, to am incredibly designed site by Joseph. He brought life to our website and integrated a clean and precise design that can be easily navigated and is full of useful resources for our web visitors. Before you hire another company you owe it to yourself to set up a consultation with 123 Publish to discuss your website creation and design Project.

Justine T.

I highly recommend 123 Publish Incorporated. Joseph created our website www.rainbowsreach.com in a very timely fashion and went above and beyond to make us happy. He has the patience of a saint, we can be very particular! We are very excited to continue working with him for all of our social media and advertising needs! Thank you again!

Brittany E.

This company is amazing, completely competent in all aspects of social advertising! Will guide you and give you advice you need to grow your business. Joseph has the passion that you have for your business, he genuinely wants success!!!

Robert P.

Joseph S Pidoriano has put together a superb website for my company. It is truly spectacular! Thank you so much Joseph. All of your hard work at 123 publishing is amazing! You can contact Joseph at 123 publishing almost anytime. He is caring and knows your needs. This company is cutting edge and keeps growing and growing thanks to great service!

Jetzabelle C.

I created my website lashedbyjetz.com with this corporation and I cannot be any happier. They really are self efficient, super crafty and added so many ideas to my lash website. I am so grateful to have chosen 123 publish incorporated as my web designer. Definitely will recommend to everyone in need of web designing ! 5 STARS

Melissa P.

Historic Richmond Town is so grateful for the work of 123 Publish Incorporated. Really high quality work!!!

Robert C.

Hey everybody joe does a great job on social media he’s boosted my business immensely and also is a great guy.
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