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Service Description
Social Media Advertising   Social Media Advertising is key for creative digital marketing. Social Media Advertising is a distribution strategy that is up and coming, and this will grow the client’s name recognition and sales.  
Public Relations  Do you have a sensational story that you want to send to the media? Do you want the world to learn more about your cause, business, charity, or a new venture that you’re embarking on? Do right PR work
Search Engine Optimization  Put your company on one of the top pages of the search engine. We use great programs in our clients website so they have a great ROI, more traffic going to their website, and a much higher ranking.
Google Ads Marketing  Google Ads Marketing is an additive to SEO. Google Ads Marketing Involves great copywriting and content design so that way the ad would be eye-catching and attention-grabbing for the target consumer.
Video Ads Marketing These are the different types of videos we produce:

-Animation Videos
-Explainer Videos
-Commercial Videos
-Infomercial Videos
-Product Demo Videos
-Interview Videos
-Slideshow Videos

Animated Advertising Do you want people to be looking at still ads? Well, the answer is that still has become “still”, meaning “still” ads are considered as old-school ads. Refresh your advertisements & enhance your brand
3-D Logo Animation   Enhance your branding with us today. Make your brand stand out today with our company. Make your brand really look amazing. 3-D logo animation is great for websites, YouTube videos, and social media.
Event Planning  Plan a wonderful and successful event with 123 Publish Incorporated today. We will handle all of the proper arrangements, distribution, and invitations for any given event that you choose to have.
Graphic Design  Come up with great, eye-catching graphics that would definitely make your clients be wowed and amazed by the products and services that you offer. Make your content look eye-catching with us today.
Photography Make your business or event look great with truly awesome photos that are positioned and designed to perfection so that way they look great for the website, the social media, or maybe even the press!
Political Campaign Marketing  -designing & distribution of mass-mailers/brochures
-website design
-volunteer recruitment
-event planning
-website design
-Google Ads & social media marketing
-video ads (4 per/month + Extra Fees)
-donor recruitment
-fundraiser organizing
-corporate networking
-GOTV (Get Out To Vote)
-Robocall Content Writing
Website Design and Management Make your website look amazing with our website design service at an affordable rate, and in a very quick manner. View some of the websites on our company portfolio and let us make your website great!
Google Maps Marketing and Streetview Improve your online presence with Google Maps today. Get people to learn more about your business and be immersed in your business so people are more likely to utilize your business and its services.
Copywriting Designing virtual content for ads online & even offline with great textual and visual content that would assuage consumers to be able to utilize your products or your services. Copywriting helps SEO.
Author’s Services  -copyrighting
-obtaining ISBN
-arranging book signings
Consulting Services 123 Publish Incorporated works with businesses and all entities in providing strong marketing advice especially when it pertains to social media.  
Trademarking Legally Protect your company brand with our company today. Let us expedite the trademarking process for your business.


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