Meet Joseph

Joseph Pidoriano, a proud Staten Island resident, started his business in 2017 at the age of 19 when he was a Sophomore at Pace University. He was a business major specifically public accounting; but he had always had a talent for creativity throughout his entire life. The integration of creativity and a business mindset led him to opening up 123 Publish Inc.

Before Pidoriano was in the business world, he directly aspired to be a real estate and entertainment property developer and he was always graphically skilled because he used to design concepts using a 3D Modeling Software, starting at the age of 13. From there, from 15-18, he wrote SciFi/Fantasy novels with the goal that they would become movies, but he fell short. With the creative background, the blossoming business education, and business being engrained in his blood from a young age due to coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he started his company. 

123 Publish Inc. was actually born from a totally different concept which was completely unrelated to a marketing company. As a published author, Joseph originally planned his company to be a publishing company BUT “God had different plans.”

His cousin, Mario “Strong” Siracusa saw his potential knowing Joseph’s strategic and creative mindset encouraged him (along with his immediate family) encouraged him to pursue the marketing industry. In July 2017, he launched 123 Publish Inc. as a marketing company. Many told him to rename it but he kept the name to pay homage to his start and because of the catchiness of it and that content was published “One Two Three OR 123!”

Within the course of 7 years, Joseph Pidoriano built his company up to be a well-respected marketing company in New York City and beyond working with clients one-to-one across a wide variety of industries especially the restaurant, retail, and recreation industry. In 2020, he graduated from Pace University with his Bachelor’s in Public Accounting and he has continuously been building his business since then. Pidoriano has many inspirational figures in his life but the most prominent one that he respects and honors is Walt Disney who believes that “If you can dream it, you can do it” and that’s the principle that he carries with him which is why he has been able to take a myriad of businesses to the next level.

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