Building your business takes more than "word of mouth" or traditional means. Building your business means ensuring that your brand is the best that it can be, ensuring that you can experience true success, and ensure that you can be digitally creative without any limitations. 123 Publish Incorporated is your marketing company that is affordable, reasonable, and approachable in so many ways. Whether you need a website to be designed to perfection, ensure that you can beat your competition in the search engine presence, or need to have an improved and strengthened social media presence.

As a business owner, your goals consist of the following: to be attract more customers through a successful and creative ad campaign, to brand yourself in such a way that you can have certain associations that are positive and beneficial, and to be able to ensure that you are experiencing your proper ROI. We sum our successful digital marketing methods in a simple formula: Creativity + Research + Understanding + Execution = RESULTS!

If you want to experience true success, make us a part of your team and be a part of the story in building your business up and TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Social Media

Building your business up by coming up with creative content and getting tremendous engagement for the content.

Web Design

Coming up with creative and professionally designed websites which are consistent with your brand.

Video Marketing

Coming up with creative videos to ensure that you can present your business well to the public and coming up with creative content to ensure that you can be able to have the most intriguing and engaging content in the world.


Trounce your competition by getting your business on the first page in Google and increasing your site stats.

Restaurant Marketing

Whether you want an animated menu or get at least 30-50 influencers coming to your restaurant, we can build your restaurant up.

Public Relations

Coming up with creative/community-oriented, business-building solutions to build up your brand and ensure that your brand is as positive as can be.

Mailer/Print Marketing

While mailers are a more traditional method of marketing, mailers have the highest rates of interaction.

CRM Management

From obtaining and understanding the behaviors of existing consumers to creating informational spreadsheets and retargeting those customers to keep them engaged, we will make sure that your customers stay engaged with your brand.

Virtual Tours

Immerse your future guests and customers in your business and help improve your presence on Google.


Here's a sample of our work with some of our clients.



Thank you very much for learning about the services that my business provides and being able to experience a sample of our great portfolio. I started my company with the vision of being able to build businesses up by making them experience a new sense of being able to increase their revenues, enhance their reputations, and build their brand recognition to the highest degree. As a businessman, I know the challenges of competing in an ever-changing market and my goals are to be able to obtain knowledge of your business and of your industry, analyze the competition and be able to outpace the competition with creative and pragmatic web solutions for your business. Over the course of 1.5 years, I have been able to have the opportunity to work with several businesses across a wide variety of industries and I have seen various industry-related changes in so many ways. My time in digital marketing has been very unique. I have always been a creative-minded individual and have always been tech-savvy. However, I am an astute numbers and research person. Numbers mean EVERYTHING in digital marketing because you must use numbers to perform goal-setting and KPI measuring. I am currently going for my C.P.A. at Pace University and I am a proud third-generation Staten Islander as well.