Politics and 123 Publish

Marketing is not only about generating sales, but also generating votes. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated worked with several clients who were political candidates running for several public offices and even one union office, this year. The following campaigns that 123 Publish Incorporated had some involvement in were:

-Frank Spotorno's City Council Campaign for District 5

-Daryl Kipnis' State Senate Campaign for District 17 (NJ)

-Bill Gouldman's Re-election for Putnam County Legislator

-Kevin Corrigan, John DeFalco, and William Mckenna's Carpenter's Union Campaign

For the purposes of copyright, 123 Publish Incorporated was not allowed to post the information regarding what took place with the Carpenter's Union.
Last year, in 2017, Nicole Malliotakis ran for the Mayor of New York City to unseat incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio. She ran on multiple party lines, which included the Republican, Conservative, and Stop de Blasio Party Line. The Stop de Blasio Party Line was established by her campaign along with the campaigns of many other citywide candidates who were running for different municipal offices in New York City. 123 Publish Incorporated was one of nine companies hired as a principal agency by Nicole's Campaign management company. Our company helped manage the Stop de Blasio Line social media page and produced a few videos for the campaign. This video was produced for Nicole Malliotakis' Mayoral Campaign as a retargeting video (retargeting the existing voters by Thanking The Existing Supporters) and telling the new supporters to support the campaign to show that the campaign made many positive memories
123 Publish Incorporated created a promotional for brochure for State Senate Candidate, Daryl Kipnis, who ran for NJ Legislative District 17 in Somerset and Middlesex County, NJ. Right now, 123 Publish Incorporated is planned to be the marketing manager for his congressional campaign for the 12th Congressional District in Central Jersey. Not only did 123 Publish Incorporated created the brochure literature for Daryl Kipnis, but also created political palm cards for Nadine Wilkins who was running for the State Assembly in 2017 in the same legislative district as Daryl Kipnis.
Frank Spotorno was a recent candidate who ran for the New York City Council in the 5th City Council District against Ben Kallos in 2017. He ran with his main platform being the marine waste transfer station that would be very pollutive and corrosive to the environment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Frank's plan would be to sue the city to prevent this from happening. He wanted 123 Publish Incorporated to create an explainer slideshow video describing the flaws of the marine waste transfer station and his campaign plan to prevent the transfer station from being placed in the area.
Bill Gouldman is a county legislator, the Putnam County Republican Chairman, and a retired businessman who ran for re-election for the Putnam County Legislature for District 2. In a relatively competitive race, he requested for a positive featured video to be created for his campaign. 123 Publish Incorporated created a video themed to his legislative accomplishments that benefitted his constituents and how he was there for his constituents all the time.
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