Growing a business is very important in this world, and creativity is very integral for the growth of a business. While it is important to understand data analytics in terms of determining the Targeting Strategy as part of the marketing mix, it is important for a business to have a solid promotion strategy, strongly identifiable core competencies, successful branding techniques, a perfect positioning strategy in terms of the message that customers will receive out of the products, as well as a pricing strategy that would be beneficial to the business.

Most of those strategies that I have just listed require tremendous amounts of creativity, thought, and collaboration with the client in producing the perfect marketing campaign necessary to grow the business. A marketing campaign cannot be successful without the usage of those strategies and usually those strategies are able to be found in a 5-10 page marketing plan (the size of the marketing plan is contingent on the size of the business and the needs of the clients).

Now, these paragraphs serve as a prerequisite to why I am providing the reader with this commentary. My business specializes in creative branding, creative design, video marketing, and content writing with the combination of data analysis. A marketing agency must have those features, but in order for a marketing campaign for a client to be successful, the client must be able to have “identifiable positives” in the business that can provide the marketing agency with sufficient information in launching a successful campaign. If a business cannot identify its core competencies, which are certain aspects (*they do not necessarily have to be super specific) that set them apart from the competition, then that person should not necessarily be in full business or that business is not a marketable business. A business owner must be able to identify the core competencies of a business to create a successful campaign.

Now, that the business owner identified those core competencies, it is up to the marketing agency to come up with a creative campaign using those strategies. Once the marketing agency comes up with a creative campaign using those specified strategies that I have just listed, then the business must approve of the campaign, and make sure that the campaign is relevant to the needs of the business and would be perfect for CRM for the business, which is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management.

Ultimately, it is up to the business to come up with the core competencies as to why that business is a “marketable” business and it is up to the marketing agency to devise a great campaign that would benefit that business using those strategies that I have just listed if not more. And, my business specializes in creative digital marketing and branding.