Building your business takes more than "word of mouth" or traditional means. Building your business means ensuring that your brand is the best that it can be, ensuring that you can experience true success, and ensure that you can be digitally creative without any limitations. 123 Publish Incorporated is your marketing company that is affordable, reasonable, and approachable in so many ways. Whether you need a website to be designed to perfection, ensure that you can beat your competition in the search engine presence, or need to have an improved and strengthened social media presence.
Creativity + Research + Understanding = Results

  • CREATIVITY: Come up with unique, different, and innovative ideas that are consistent with the branding of the business which will enhance the business, for sure.

  • RESEARCH: We analyze our clients and their needs before we work with them and we get to know them one-to-one so we can be able to deliver a great product for them.

  • UNDERSTANDING: We get to know our clients really well, learn their markets, know their consumer types, and plan how we can take their business to the next level.

  • RESULTS: We come up with creative campaigns and we accomplish the goals that we have set for our clients. Satisfaction is not a word. We want to make you happy!




    Create a unique, custom, and thematic website for your business with our website design service. We do that. We create e-Commerce sites, informational sites, restaurant online ordering sites, video sites, and we design them to convert.
    You can also add SEO/SEM as an add-on to trounce your competitors on the internet.


    Immerse your prospective customers and guests with a unique perspective of your business. Our virtual tours are featured within internal hosting on your site, Google Maps, and in 360-degree video.


    We're about giving your business a social media presence by working with a beneficial budget. Make your business a household name with a great social media presence. Put out great content to represent your business and make your brand stand out.


    Video content is the most important way to increase engagement. Choose us for a commercial or video. We create commercials, promotional videos, informational videos, explainer videos, and creative content.


    Make your brand marks stand out. Make your brand glossy and make your brand have a beautiful appearance. And, we're here to do that. We create brochures, posters, flyers, logos, branding bars, video entrances, and 3D Logo animations.