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123 Publish Incorporated works with all entities offering a multitude of services in marketing, website design, public relations, creative branding, branding enhancements, and much more. Ultimately, the goal for our company is to deliver results that substantially improve the client’s business, campaign, or entity, and we work to make sure that our clients are treated exceptionally well providing quality, convenience, and affordability. 123 Publish Incorporated works with a broad diversity of clients working with a wide variety of industries and providing clients with different goals. Different clients have different goals, and while numbers are the most important part for the client, the creativity drives those numbers. Take a look at the services that 123 Publish Incorporated offers, and learn more about how we can grow your business or entity today. Also, view a small sample of our client portfolio as well.

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Our Services

Service Description
Social Media Advertising   Social Media Advertising is key for creative digital marketing. Social Media Advertising is a distribution strategy that is up and coming, and this will grow the client’s name recognition and sales.  
Public Relations  Do you have a sensational story that you want to send to the media? Do you want the world to learn more about your cause, business, charity, or a new venture that you’re embarking on? Do right PR work
Search Engine Optimization  Put your company on one of the top pages of the search engine. We use great programs in our clients website so they have a great ROI, more traffic going to their website, and a much higher ranking.
Google Ads Marketing  Google Ads Marketing is an additive to SEO. Google Ads Marketing Involves great copywriting and content design so that way the ad would be eye-catching and attention-grabbing for the target consumer.
Video Ads Marketing These are the different types of videos we produce:

-Animation Videos
-Explainer Videos
-Commercial Videos
-Infomercial Videos
-Product Demo Videos
-Interview Videos
-Slideshow Videos

Animated Advertising Do you want people to be looking at still ads? Well, the answer is that still has become “still”, meaning “still” ads are considered as old-school ads. Refresh your advertisements & enhance your brand
3-D Logo Animation   Enhance your branding with us today. Make your brand stand out today with our company. Make your brand really look amazing. 3-D logo animation is great for websites, YouTube videos, and social media.
Event Planning  Plan a wonderful and successful event with 123 Publish Incorporated today. We will handle all of the proper arrangements, distribution, and invitations for any given event that you choose to have.
Graphic Design  Come up with great, eye-catching graphics that would definitely make your clients be wowed and amazed by the products and services that you offer. Make your content look eye-catching with us today.
Photography Make your business or event look great with truly awesome photos that are positioned and designed to perfection so that way they look great for the website, the social media, or maybe even the press!
Political Campaign Marketing  -designing & distribution of mass-mailers/brochures
-website design
-volunteer recruitment
-event planning
-website design
-Google Ads & social media marketing
-video ads (4 per/month + Extra Fees)
-donor recruitment
-fundraiser organizing
-corporate networking
-GOTV (Get Out To Vote)
-Robocall Content Writing
Website Design and Management Make your website look amazing with our website design service at an affordable rate, and in a very quick manner. View some of the websites on our company portfolio and let us make your website great!
Google Maps Marketing and Streetview Improve your online presence with Google Maps today. Get people to learn more about your business and be immersed in your business so people are more likely to utilize your business and its services.
Copywriting Designing virtual content for ads online & even offline with great textual and visual content that would assuage consumers to be able to utilize your products or your services. Copywriting helps SEO.
Author’s Services  -copyrighting
-obtaining ISBN
-arranging book signings
Consulting Services 123 Publish Incorporated works with businesses and all entities in providing strong marketing advice especially when it pertains to social media.  
Trademarking Legally Protect your company brand with our company today. Let us expedite the trademarking process for your business.

Our Portfolios

Our Portfolio

The Resource Room Tutoring Center on Richmond Road and Forest Avenue is a learning center for students of all ages to be able to advance their learning both inside and outside of school. The Resource Room Tutoring Center hired 123 Publish Incorporated in August 2017, a few months after the opening of the first location to work on its social media. Followed by that, at the end of August 2017, the Resource Room decided that it wanted to go virtual and 123 Publish Incorporated created a virtual tour so its current and prospective clients can be immersed in the state of the art appearance of The Resource Room Tutoring Center. Not only that, but also, 123 Publish Incorporated grew their social media from 75 followers in August 2017 to up to 4,000 followers in February 2018 in a six month period. From December 2017 to now, The Resource Room is growing at 1,000-1,500 followers per month. Plus, its sales have increased by 35%, and the client appointments went from 5 per week (from when 123 Publish Incorporated started working with them) all the way to 40 per week. Right now, 123 Publish Incorporated is managing its social media, and The Resource Room is a becoming a more acclaimed brand on Staten Island.

2481 Richmond Road Location

Forest Avenue Location (534 Forest Avenue)

Resourceroomsi (@resourceroomsi) * Instagram photos and videos

3,990 Followers, 3,812 Following, 233 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Resourceroomsi (@resourceroomsi)

Colonnade Logo.jpg

The Colonnade Diner is Staten Island’s oldest #1 Diner that is an ever-changing eatery right on the East Shore of Staten Island. The Colonnade Diner is a place that services a wide variety of dishes for all meals of the day 24/7. The Colonnade Diner is located at 2001 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10304, and has been proudly owned and operated by the Platis Family. The Colonnade Diner has a very vast history, and it was the first building on Staten Island to come prefabricated in different pieces, and eventually the diner expanded from the original structure to a multilevel experience. Additionally, The Colonnade Diner has been featured in many historical movies and T.V. Episodes. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated revamped its website, create a 3-D animated logo for its enhanced branding, and is currently working on an animated menu that will be displayed on some of the television screens inside the restaurant.

Check out the NEW Colonnade Diner website:


Dough By Licastri is Staten Island’s up-and-coming pizzeria on the East Shore in Dongan Hills. Dough By Licastri is located at 1456 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10304, and it serves pizza that is either deep-fried in dough or cooked on the grill. Its pizzas are not your ordinary cheese or pepperoni pizzas. Each one of its pizzas required a lot of thought, emphasis, and theming. Chef Stephen Licastri, the master chef for Dough By Licastri, has created artisanal culinary dishes over the years, and he recently opened up his restaurant, last year. 123 Publish Incorporated brought Dough By Licastri up to the first page on the Google Search Engine when you type in “pizza Staten Island”,  up to 70% of its visitors found the website through the organic search, more people spent time on its website, and it had an increase in online ordering from December to January. Furthermore, 123 Publish Incorporated created a Christmas Commercial for them themed to “DOUGH for the Holidays: The Making of Pizza at Christmastime”. Additionally, to enhance the branding, 123 Publish Incorporated created a 3-D animated logo for them.                          

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.10.45 AM

Richmond Boarding and Grooming and Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice are both located at 4915 and 4913 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, NY 10309. Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice is one of Staten Island’s oldest veterinary practices, and it has state of the art technology that improves the quality of life for both dogs and cats. Richmond Boarding and Grooming is adjacent to Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice, and it is a lodging, boarding, and grooming facility for dogs. It uses the top of the line shampoo products in its grooming services. Its dogs feel like they are staying at a home away from home. In addition, it is a safe, secure, and comfortable environment that is climate-controlled. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated has been managing Richmond Boarding and Grooming’s social media as well as having created literature that has attracted clients to come to the business. In addition, 123 Publish Incorporated created a website that would allow visitors to be able to plan a pet’s stay for the client. Also, 123 Publish Incorporated enhanced its branding with animated advertising. Furthermore, for Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice, 123 Publish Incorporated created a virtual walk-through tour for them.

Richmond Boarding and Grooming

Richmond Boarding and Grooming. Richmond Valley Boarding and Grooming is a place where you can bring your dog or cat and feel relaxed while your pet stays safe and comfortable. Book now.


Richmond Boarding and Grooming

Richmond Boarding and Grooming. Richmond Valley Boarding and Grooming is a place where you can bring your dog or cat and feel relaxed while your pet stays safe and comfortable. Book now.www.richmondboardingandgrooming.com

A&C Superette and Salumeria is located at 884 Manor Road, on Staten Island, NY 10314. A&C was started almost 50 years ago, and has been a very successful family-owned and operated business since then. They serve fresh fish off the dock daily, high quality U.S. D. A. Recommended Meats, high quality produce that’s organic, many unique Italian specialties, and delicious, mouth-watering desserts. 123 Publish Incorporated created a featured commercial for them.

Community Resources is a wonderful non-profit organization that was established in 1958. Community Resources works with those who are intellectually, physically, developmentally, or intellectually disabled and the mission that they are serving is to provide them with a sense of independence with different vocational services, residential services, educational services, and many other great services that are very beneficial to them. Community Resources has a major facility located at 3450 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, New York. Community Resources’ facility is a center that serves the purpose of improving the quality of life for its members of its community. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated created a promotional slideshow video for its annual gala.