The rudimentary definition of marketing is "creating value". Creating value means communicating a message through pictures, words, graphics, or other related components in an effort to generate results. The creative component of digital marketing is the first and most integral component of the business because the creativity is the origin of the great content. When you learn more about the services that 123 Publish Incorporated offers, you will see how creative our company has been and will continue to be. View our portfolio and see a sample of the different clients we have worked with, and view our services and learn more about how our business can help you.
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For every client that 123 Publish Incorporated works with, extensive research is conducted. Research is important because it formulates the different types of strategies that will be implemented for our projects. The research serves as a prerequisite for the implementation of strategies like the promotional, targeting, segmentation, hypertargeting, and communication. Research requires the creation of data analytics for different clients and our company uses premiere software in creating data analytics for those clients. From there, we use those analytics to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan for those strategies. At 123 Publish Incorporated, we use different software technologies which generate the results in our research analyses that are meant to be generated.


After the research has been conducted, now it is time for the execution. The execution is the phase in which a plan is devised and carried out. The plan is here to fulfill the goals of the client, and 123 Publish Incorporated executes the goals of clients in an affordable, expedited, and quick manner with impeccable quality. After coming up with a plan, after fulfilling the goal-setting theory, 123 Publish Incorporated executes the goal(s) in a timely manner. View our sample portfolio and see how our different services can help you fulfill your goal.

By growing your social media, your business will be ensured to have more sales and a stronger online presence.

Videos speak volumes about the brand that is being represented. Videos display the brand at its best. We produce slideshow, demo, interview, commercial, infomercial, and animated videos.

Put your business on the map literally and give your future clients a virtually unique impression of the business without even having to be there physically. When you do that, your ROI will increase dramatically.

In general, one of the two biggest components in marketing is emotional appeal, and with branding, certain aspects of your company are associated with emotion. Animated Ads are meant to invoke an emotion in the viewer who can become a potential customer.

Give your clients and customers clear and concise information about your brand with a creative twist.

Perfect for websites, videos, or any platform or digital distribution channel to convey your brand, this enhanced branding service will really show the true meaning of your company logo.

Photos are important for providing impressions to prospective customers. 123 Publish Incorporated has the best photographers to take photos of the place.

The purpose for data analytics is made for goal-setting, segmentation, and a comprehensive understanding of the overall financial performance of the business in an effort to come up with solutions so the business can be successful

Events bring people together. Events bring businesses and clients to one another. With events, you will be able to secure client acquisition and brand loyalty. Allow us to help you plan the best event.

Outpace your competitors by having your company up on the first page in Google. 123 Publish Incorporated is the master of S.E.O. Allow us to help you get up on the first page.

It is so important to legally protect your company name, your brand name, your brand marks, your brand slogan, your logo, or any important intellectual property that signifies your company.

When you're running for office, you must be able to have a good marketing strategy. A campaign must have a strong social media presence as well as effective techniques in terms of getting its name out there, and 123 Publish Incorporated is your one stop shop for that.

Spice up your brand with some great graphic design. 123 Publish Incorporated will design all of your literature or virtual graphics to ensure brand consistency.

Restaurant marketing is a special type of marketing in which 123 Publish Incorporated focuses on influencer outreach, animation techniques, amazing graphics, and online ordering in restaurants.

With use of many different communications strategies, 123 Publish Incorporated will be able to publicly express and maintain the message that your company is trying to convey to the audience as well as working with different media outlets in an effort to give your business the opportunity to be able to grow.

Did you know that 123 Publish Incorporated works with authors in providing high-quality author's publication, promotion, and marketing services? Work with 123 Publish Incorporated in making your publication succeed.



Enhanced Branding is important for a business to grow and have a stronger public image for its name. Morey's Piers, a prominent theme park resort celebrating its 50th anniversary decided to have 123 Publish Incorporated create a 3D Logo Animation for its group sales department which mainly works with tour groups, larger groups of people, travelers, and corporate groups, which will be displayed at all of its special events for the group sales.

If you want to enhance your brand and make your brand POP, hire 123 Publish Incorporated so you can be able to make that brand pop and express itself for what it truly represents. Make your brand literally speak to the viewer so the viewer can be able to truly understand what your brand stands for and you can also enhance the appearance of your business with this particular service.


The Resource Room is a tutoring center at 2481 Richmond Road and 534 Forest Avenue. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated has bee managing the Resource Room's social media as well as creating different videos for the Resource Room. The Resource Room was one of the very first clients that 123 Publish Incorporated ever had, and since it took on 123 Publish Incorporated, it's social media presence has increased exponentially. Now, it has well over 7k followers on Instagram organically, it is experiencing a stronger Facebook presence. In addition, 123 Publish Incorporated produced a video for the Resource Room talking about its services that are centered around its EXCLUSIVE training program called "S.T.E.A.M.", which represents Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. 123 Publish Incorporated has been centered around branding that particular program as well as many other programs.

If you want to grow your social media presence and see your sales increase by a large margin, hire 123 Publish Incorporated, the digital marketing agency which has social media marketing as one of its prime specialties./font>

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The Colonnade Diner

The Colonnade Diner in Staten Island is one of 123 Publish Incorporated's most unique clients. While 123 Publish Incorporated re-built its website and created a 3D animated logo to enhance its brand, an animated menu (a first in the restaurant industry outside of a certain theme park in Central Florida) for the Colonnade Diner. While the menu has been completed in video format for the previewing purposes, it is currently being developed into an app so when you go to the Colonnade Diner, you will be able to read the menu and order from it. The aspect that is extraordinarily unique about this menu is that the menu is not your traditional restaurant menu with still pictures. This menu has 3D animations to demonstrate that the Colonnade Diner is not just a restaurant, but it is a place filled with entertainment and novelty.

If you want to be able to enhance your brand, choose 123 Publish Incorporated today.


Established on Staten Island in 1975, the Colonnade Diner is Staten Island's oldest diner. The Colonnade has an amazingly elaborate history, and has been family-owned and operated since 1975 by the Platis Family, a prominent family on Staten Island. The Colonnade Diner started from humble beginnings and came in as a pre-fabricated building.

DOUGH by Licastri

DOUGH by Licastri is a local pizzeria in Staten Island. 123 Publish Incorporated worked with DOUGH by Licastri in optimizing its website, producing a Christmas commercial showing how the elves make the pizza at Christmastime and how Santa Claus delivers pizzas to the different houses, which was supposed to use one of the two integral emotional elements in marketing (in general) which consist of comedy and love. It is clear that in this commercial, the element of comedy or satire was explicitly conveyed. In addition, to enhance its brand, 123 Publish Incorporated created a 3-D Animated Logo for it.

If you want to be able to increase your sales, increase your digital presence, improve your website, create a commercial, call 123 Publish Incorporated.

The Cake Chef Bakery

The Cake Chef Bakery is a family-owned and operated bakery in Staten Island. This bakery serves a wide variety of delicious cakes, pastries, and other unique desserts. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated created a unique website for the Cake Chef Bakery in Staten Island.

If you want to create an amazing website, please call (718)-619-2449 and work with 123 Publish Incorporated today.

The Cake Chef Bakery

NEWS Learn more about what the world has to say about the Cake Chef Bakery. See how many competitions we have been in and how the people love our delicious cakes. Learn more by clicking on the news stories in the carousel. See our delicious portfolio of cakes and delicious, mouth-watering desserts that taste amazing!

A & C Superette and Salumneria

A & C Superette and Salumneria is a family-owned and operated grocery store that has been operating for well-over forty years. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated completed a commercial for A & C Superette and A & C Superette happens to be one of 123 Publish Incorporated's very first clients.

If you want to create an amazing commercial, please call (718)-619-2449 and work with 123 Publish Incorporated today.

Community Resources

Community Resources is a charity organization that improves the quality of life for people with disabilities. Last year, 123 Publish Incorporated produced a slideshow video for this organization to promote its annual gala.

If you want to create a slideshow video, please call (718)-619-2449 and work with 123 Publish Incorporated today.

Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice

Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice is a veterinary hospital in Staten Island. Recently, 123 Publish Incorporated put the practice literally on the map, which increased its client base. Since working with Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice, it received well over 10,000 views on Google Maps.

If you want to put your business on the map, please call (718)-619-2449 and work with 123 Publish Incorporated today.


Thank you very much for visiting my company website and learning more about how my business can help your business. Like you, I am a very tenacious businessperson, and in every client, I work my hardest to improve the quality of my client's online presence, and I make sure that my clients are treated in the best manner possible. naWith a to of competition (in the business world), it is a very big challenge to demonstrate ways to distance yourself from the competitors and be highly lucrative. Moreover, it's a challenge for you to build notoriety for your company.

For my entire life, I felt that it was always my calling to help out others, and to see the successful results of others is very rewarding. If you ever work with my business, I look forward to getting to know you and your business because I will treat it like it's my own business. I will put high value into your business, and I will put the same effort into growing your business like I would do if it were my business.

While my business is a marketing agency and a web design agency, I consider my business a "business solutions company" because it will take your business to the next level. It will make your business have more recognition and you will be assured that you will be having success from my business. So, if you want to see your business grow, please feel free to contact me by giving me your information through the contact form on the website.

Also, if you want to get to know me well, that will be great. I am a proud New Yorker, a Pace University student earning a B.B.A. in Accounting (Major). In addition, I am also part of many different community organizations, some of which my business has offered pro-bono services to. In addition, I am a philanthropist for the American Parkinson Disease Association. Every year, I run a major fundraiser for the organization to raise money in increasing awareness for Parkinson's Disease with a hope to find the cure. In addition, I am the published author of many works of literature.